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Exactly. This is why “pro-lifers” are confused and constantly get the “you are a total hypocrite” side-eye from me. This, and many, many, many, many other reasons. This is a lesson right here in reproductive justice: 







Well, you know…shit.

Where are all the pro-lifers protesting this? I mean, it would be a lot easier for people to go through pregnancy and childbirth if they were assured they wouldn’t lose their job and also have a means of support for themselves and their babies.

Oh wait, you guys actually don’t care about babies and the people who have them. You just want to punish people for having sex you don’t approve of.

A perfect example of why cynicism is so often the correct perspective.

My husband and I were talking in the car today about our plans to have babies and I said, “Definitely not until after you get a job, since I don’t have enough leave built up to pay for the whole 12 weeks.”

He looked at me, slightly baffled, and said, “Don’t you get paid maternity leave?”

And I HOOOOOOWLED with laughter, because hot DAMN, no I do NOT, honey, because our country is behind PAKISTAN and SOUTH AFRICA and oh yeah LITERALLY ALMOST EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH!

I think this depends on where you work. Some places choose to give you paid maternity leave; it is just not mandatory nationwide. The company that I work for right now gives you 12 weeks. And I’m like 99% sure teachers get 6 weeks. I know neither one of those are GREAT but at least it’s something. Please don’t jump all over me if I’m wrong. I couldn’t help but try to defend ‘Merica.

Oh, I’m not denying that some companies do take good care of their employees in this regard.

But for most parents in lower income jobs, that is rarely the case. Which is especially tragic because these are the people who can least afford to take off work or pay for childcare.

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I don’t trust anyone who supports vaginas as a symbol of feminism or feminist solidarity

#or ovaries

Yep, side-eye and speaking back to that bullshit! How many damn times do I have to say to essentialist, transphobic, conservative “feminists”: my “vagina” is NOT what makes me a woman. (Half the time, these folks so essentialist, they don’t know the difference between a vulva and a vagina, by the way.) For goodness sakes, we learn this in women/gender studies 101. And I’ll teach it to you, too, if you take my class. 'Woman' is socially-constructed. Educate yourselves.

And by the way—no, you are NOT radical. You are conservative, actually. All of you biological essentialists who claim a “radical” feminism that is transphobic—you are FAR from radical. That is conservative rhetoric if I’ve ever heard it. And I need NO conservatism in my feminism. Do not dilute it with that conservative hateful nonsense; do not co-opt true radical progressive movement.

Better be anti-racist, intersectional, anti-transphobic feminism or not at all!

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You seem to think that in this shoot-out you’re being aimed at, and we’re just being hit coincidentally. That is not what’s happening. What is happening is that they are aiming at all of us but only calling us by your name.

This quote seems particularly urgent at this present moment—within and without the repro rights fight. This plagues so many of our movements: the powerful use our most intimate issues to divide us and to make us think that our liberation is not bound to one another.


whatfreshhellisthis wrotean amazing post about trans* people being excluded from the reproductive rights movement (scarlip then added amazing commentary on to it and h/t to one of my most favorite Tumblrs, prolongedeyecontact for posting both).

I am so incredibly guilty of saying, “While this may be directed at cis women (or that cis women may be the main targets of this anti-choice legislation), it affects more people than just them.” I will never say that again. (via keepyourboehneroutofmyuterus)