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I don’t trust anyone who supports vaginas as a symbol of feminism or feminist solidarity

#or ovaries

Yep, side-eye and speaking back to that bullshit! How many damn times do I have to say to essentialist, transphobic, conservative “feminists”: my “vagina” is NOT what makes me a woman. (Half the time, these folks so essentialist, they don’t know the difference between a vulva and a vagina, by the way.) For goodness sakes, we learn this in women/gender studies 101. And I’ll teach it to you, too, if you take my class. 'Woman' is socially-constructed. Educate yourselves.

And by the way—no, you are NOT radical. You are conservative, actually. All of you biological essentialists who claim a “radical” feminism that is transphobic—you are FAR from radical. That is conservative rhetoric if I’ve ever heard it. And I need NO conservatism in my feminism. Do not dilute it with that conservative hateful nonsense; do not co-opt true radical progressive movement.

Better be anti-racist, intersectional, anti-transphobic feminism or not at all!

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This is a one-page resource to assist transgender people in preparing for restrictive new voter ID laws. AND it also features a piece to educate poll workers about the voting rights of transgender people.

Put this in your pocket & take it with you to the polls, folks!

You seem to think that in this shoot-out you’re being aimed at, and we’re just being hit coincidentally. That is not what’s happening. What is happening is that they are aiming at all of us but only calling us by your name.

This quote seems particularly urgent at this present moment—within and without the repro rights fight. This plagues so many of our movements: the powerful use our most intimate issues to divide us and to make us think that our liberation is not bound to one another.


whatfreshhellisthis wrotean amazing post about trans* people being excluded from the reproductive rights movement (scarlip then added amazing commentary on to it and h/t to one of my most favorite Tumblrs, prolongedeyecontact for posting both).

I am so incredibly guilty of saying, “While this may be directed at cis women (or that cis women may be the main targets of this anti-choice legislation), it affects more people than just them.” I will never say that again. (via keepyourboehneroutofmyuterus)


When women complain about the glass ceiling, it isn’t so we can guilt or shame our bosses into a promotion. Nor is it a statement that my company (or my boss) must be sexist because I didn’t get that last promotion. Many women who complain about the glass ceiling don’t want to be a CEO - or…


A NIGHT IN THE WOODS—HDSLR 15-20min short film
Writer/Director: Alexander L. Lee
Producer: Caroline Le

RAE - Lead
Late 20’s / early 30’s, genderqueer / butch of color, androgynous with a masculine edge, the strong / silent type, our protagonist. Rae uses third-gender pronouns (e.g. her, Ze, etc.), and has had trouble keeping a job because of hir gender identity and presentation. Ze mourns the recent loss of the love of hir life, Sarah, to cancer, and is consumed by guilt for not being able to pay for Sarah’s medical treatments.

MINA- Lead
Early 20’s, straight, feminine woman of color. She’s never known any out LGBT people, and has never had to think about her sexuality or gender identity. She’s lived a fairly comfortable life until everything gets turned upside down by the zombie plague and society unravels. She’s lost her entire family to the zombies, and has been through hell surviving on her own.

Please send headshot & resume to: anightinthewoods2012@gmail.com

Auditions: throughout October, by appointment

Shoot dates: Last 2 weekends of November 2011, in Oakland


Please be prepared to do a monologue and a cold read.

Perks: film festival exposure, meals, & a fun time!