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Pablito’s “Ice Cream Bears” — Love! I’m dying over all the sexy cuteness of these bears.


“Taro” 12x16 Digital Illustration

Kit Yan, queer and transgender Asian American, will be performing slam poetry at Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Indiana on Thursday, Feb 28th at 8pm.

This is a one-page resource to assist transgender people in preparing for restrictive new voter ID laws. AND it also features a piece to educate poll workers about the voting rights of transgender people.

Put this in your pocket & take it with you to the polls, folks!


Intersections: An Inaugural Black Queer Sexuality Studies Graduate Student Conference

With Keynote Speaker Professor Kara Keeling

Location: Princeton University

Date: October 20,2012

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 31, 2012

This conference…


When women complain about the glass ceiling, it isn’t so we can guilt or shame our bosses into a promotion. Nor is it a statement that my company (or my boss) must be sexist because I didn’t get that last promotion. Many women who complain about the glass ceiling don’t want to be a CEO - or…

Further expanding what comprises the “gay rights agenda,” undocumented queer youth like Ferndanda are speaking out to bridge the gap between queer and undocumented communities. Immigration IS a queer rights issue! When we begin to expand our LGBTQ activist agendas beyond the issues as defined by the white, middle class gay community, we can see that “marriage” and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” are just two issues of MANY. Those issues are not the most pressing or central issues in the lives of queers of color, nor should marriage and DADT be the defining issues for any lgbtq activists as these goals are short-sighted.