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New Book by and for Trans People Seeks POC, Trans Women, Immigrants & Poor/Low-Income Authors/Interviewees

A new resource guide by and for trans people is looking for people of color, immigrants, poor/low-income folks and people on the feminine spectrum who are interested in sharing their stories, expertise and experiences for this groundbreaking book project. You don’t need to be an academic or professional - everyone welcome. If you are trans, TG/TS, genderqueer, GV, gender nonconforming or intersex and would like to help us make sure this resource reflects your community’s experiences, please read on!


ABOUT THE PROJECT: Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (TBTS) is a groundbreaking
resource guide in-progress, being written by and for trans people. It is
based off the idea of Our Bodies, Ourselves, but will cover a much wider
variety of topics, including coming out as a trans person, relationships and
sexuality, parenting, identifying with multiple communities, finding
employment, seeking wellness, legal advocacy, and representations of trans
people in the media. TBTS is integrating discussions of class, race,
ability, status, and many other parts of trans identities throughout each
chapter in an effort to show how different and varied trans people?s
experiences are. The book will provide resources and guides from people
within diverse trans communities, and will include personal anecdotes,
advice, stories and art. TBTS is conducting outreach through numerous
community forums, an online survey, and targeted outreach to diverse
communities in order to include as many voices as possible. More information
about the project, including the TBTS survey and bios of many of our
authors, is available online at www.transbodies.com.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Trans Bodies, Trans Selves team is currently
looking for more contributors to help ensure that TBTS will represent a
broad a range of trans experiences. Specifically, we are looking for people
of color, people on the feminine spectrum, immigrants and/or poor/low-income
folks who are willing to contribute their stories, expertise and
experiences. Contributors do not need to be “experts;” experience is first
and foremost, and we welcome inquiries from any and all people within the
trans community who are open to speaking their own truths. TBTS is aiming to
be as accessible as possible and will use everyday, easily understood
language - not academic jargon - so contributors of all educational
backgrounds/levels are welcome.

If you are interested in contributing to TBTS, please contact Amanda Rosenblum at amanda@transbodies.com to find out more about how you can get involved. TBTS is currently looking for:

  - A range of short pieces (typically 800 words) that are personal narratives and/or that include specific resources and how-to’s
  - Other forms of writing and art
  - Folks who would like to share their experiences through interviews with the TBTS team
  - Authors for chapters on Immigration and Class

Please indicate in your email which topic(s)/experiences you might be
interested in addressing and tell us a little bit about your background.
While we cannot promise publication, we are committed to working with
potential authors/contributors to identify topics that have yet to be
covered and to help bring your unique perspective to the project. We are
also happy to consider works that may have already been published elsewhere,
subject to appropriate approval.

In addition to authors, we are also looking for volunteers who would like to
review chapters and/or responses to the TBTS online survey, many of which
will be incorporated into the book. This project is entirely volunteer-based
and we appreciate any time you might be able to contribute to help us make
TBTS as useful, informative and interesting as possible.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in contributing to the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves project, or if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!