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An(other) instance of how the crime this teen committed was walking while Black. Being while Black and male in our effed upped social system that institutionalizes racism and advances a necropolitics of disciplining/punishing the “surplus” bodies of Black men constructed as inherently violent. It is not irrelevant that the man who executed Trayvon Martin is so committed to the so-called “criminal justice” system of which he is a student. I plan to write more about that soon.

The local police don’t know yet if walking while Black constitutes an offense against someone holding a gun. Three weeks after Trayvon’s death. They are still figuring it out. 

We vociferously “protect” some people’s “right to own a gun” while completely ignoring a young man’s right to walk and move his body freely in (a white) space. I hate guns and I effing hate racism. Justice for Trayvon now.

Ubangi Club, Harlem 1934-37 by Climbing Kilimanjaro on Flickr.

These historic photos of Black gay male kinship and queer bonds are absolutely gorgeous! What a painstaking effort to put together this fantastic collection from the 19th & 20th centuries.