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Circulating this great Call for Papers for a possible new anthology:

Call for Papers ~ Tentative title: Queering Fat Embodiment

Type: Edited book
Submission deadline: January 15th, 2012

Contacts and editors:
Samantha Murray - Samantha.murray@mq.edu.au (Main contact)
Cat Paus - c.pause@massey.ac.nz
Jackie Wykes - wykesj@unimelb.edu.au

Against the backdrop of the ever-growing medicalisation and pathologisation
of fatness, the field of Fat Studies has emerged in recent years to offer an
interdisciplinary critical interrogation of the dominant medical models of
health, to give voice to the lived experience of fat bodies, and to offer
critical insights into, and investigations of, the ethico-political
implications of the cultural meanings that have come to be attached to fat
bodies. This focus on the regulation, discipline and representation of fat
bodies make it critically invaluable to the advancement of scholarship on

This edited collection seeks to publish recent scholarship that embraces
"queering" as a mode of critical engagement in examining fat embodiment.
Queer is a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary practice aimed at “bringing
forth” and thus denaturalising the taken for granted, the invisible, the
normalized. This collection seeks to challenge and destabilise existing
ideas of fat and fat embodiment both outside of and within the emerging
field of Fat Studies. This volume will bring together scholarship from
various disciplines in order to examine the ways in which fat embodiment is
lived, experienced, regulated and (re)produced across a range of cultural
sites and contexts. In queering established ideas about fat bodies, and
presenting challenging inquiries/inqueeries into these notions, this
collection will represent an innovative and critically invaluable
contribution to the advancement of scholarship on fatness, and indeed on
embodiment more generally.

Full paper submissions are due January 15, 2012. Articles should range
between 15 and 20 double-spaced pages. Please send submissions, along with
an abstract of your paper and a brief biographical sketch, directly to